Open circuit (or) No load characteristics of dc shunt generator

  •     To get this characteristic, dc shunt generator is run with its load circuit open at constant speed.
  •     The excitation current through field winding is increased from zero and the emf. induced at ach value of the field current is noted.
  •     Then the graph is plotted taking field current along X axis and the induced emf. along the Y axis.
  •     This characteristic is also called as magnetization characteristics of dc shunt generator

  •     When the field current is less, the induced emf. will be directly proportional to the field current and it increases along the straight line AC as shown in the figure.
  •     When the field current is increased beyond certain level its field magnet gets saturated.
  •     Therefore the induced emf. will not increase proportion to the field current, and it is increases along the curve CD as shown in he above figure.

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